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Fresh and easy is a chain of grocery stores founded in Los Angeles in the year 2007 by Anshul Wasu. The company was a subsidiary of Tesco, the biggest retailer in the United Kingdom. Tesco saw a big opportunity in the US market and so they acted on it.

Fresh and Easy reached revenues of 1.2 billion dollars in just 6 years. Unofficial reports say that the problem was they were still losing 22 million dollars a month. So, they filed for bankruptcy.

In 2013, Tesco announced the transfer of ownership of Fresh and Easy to the new owner Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Company.

There was a total of 97 stores in California, Arizona, and Nevada and there were 54 stores in the Southland. Although in the beginning, there were more than 200 stores in California alone before the acquisition, Tesco had announced they were pulling those stores from the market.

Fresh and easy provided with a great and vibrant experience in their grocery stores with their lovely environment and cooperative staff members, the customers just kept on coming back.

Fresh and Easy also has a Home Chef Meal Delivery Service. Fresh and Easy has a great user-friendly app that allows customers to get exact portions of ingredients every week. Their ingredients are always fresh and easy to cook with. All it takes is 30 minutes to prepare the best dish of your life and feel like a great chef; you don’t even have to worry about shopping. Everything you need will be at your doorstep.

More stores like Fresh and Easy are helping customers by offering quality products and helping employees by providing them with a work-friendly environment to work in.



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