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Toys R Us is every kid's paradise and Charles Lazarus founded the brand in 1957. The brand needs no introduction. Every kid has dreamed of going to Toy R Us, and when they go to the store, they don't want to leave. 

The first store was opened in 1948. Tru Kids and other companies own Toys R Us. Toys R Us has many subsidiaries in many countries worldwide. They had many stores worldwide. In 2018, Toys R Us announced it was closing its doors to the world. There have been reports that the brand has seen a decline in sales because of Covid-19 and because kids nowadays aren't as interested in toys as they once were. 

The long history of the brand came to an end. Toys R Us was one of the leading brands in the toy industry. Stores like Toy R Us are the best place to buy innovative toys for your kids.


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