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Stylenanda is a South Korean-based fashion and make-up company. The brand was founded in the year 2004 by Nanda. The brand is now owned by Kim So Hee, and its headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea. 

The company has a very well-known parent company L’Oreal. The brand at first only launched in South Korea. Later, it was expanded internationally to countries like China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, etc. 

The company is ranked #50 internationally. The company has grown quite a bit and has reached revenues of more than 30 million dollars, according to unofficial reports.

The brand deals with the best of South Korean fashion and make-up. Stylenanda is an expert in sharing culture with the world through social media. They have connected with the youth. 

Stylenanda shares what it's like to live in South Korea. The store has a lot of fashion options. They have Korean-style tops, t-shirts, jeans, etc. Stores like Stylenanda knows how to share one's culture and fashion with the world.

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