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Roolee is a fashion brand based in the US. Founded by Chad and Kylee Champlin in the year 2014. The family-owned business was founded with the mission to empower women all around the world and give them self-confidence through fashion. 

The company is privately held, so there is no involvement of a parent company. The company has been running since 2014 with the founder, Kylee Champlin as their lead fashion designer. They have been producing some great results for the company. 

Since the company is fairly new in the market, people did not expect much from this company as there are so many other fashion brands out. They're even more than 100 years old, but they have surprised us by reaching revenues of more than 6 million dollars in just eight years. 
Roolee provides women with the best fashion for every occasion. If you are looking for formal dresses to go to a business meeting or are looking for something adventurous for a night out with the ladies, they have all the best stuff to meet the need of every occasion. Footwear is a big part of your dress, and Roolee does not underestimate this fact, so they created one of the best and most innovative footwear out there. They also have the right accessories to rise to the occasion. Stores like Roolee are transforming the way women shop and feel about fashion.


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