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The entertainment world is big, and it has seen many ups and downs. Hastings was founded in 1968. The company was originally made to serve as the retailing division for its parent company Western Merchandisers a books and music wholesaler. 

In 1990, Western Merchandisers was acquired by Walmart. The company was then sold to Anderson Media Corporation. They changed Western Merchandisers into Anderson Merchandisers. 

The owners of Hastings have changed quite a bit, but that didn't stop Hastings from blowing up. It is estimated that the revenue of the company exceeded five million dollars. The company had more than 120 stores. 

All things don't last forever. The company faced a huge decline as the age of smartphones, and Netflix began, but somehow, it managed to pull out. The company as of 2016, announced that they were shutting its doors to the world. They used to sell movies, books, and music, but that age was over. The internet has overtaken many businesses, and Stores like Hastings were the first to go down. 


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