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An American-based electronics and gaming retail store. Founded by two co-founders, Gary M. Kusin and James McCurry. The store was founded in 1984, and it was called Babbage’s.

The store was named after Charles Babbage, the creator of the first computer. The store was renamed in 1999 as GameStop, a name we all know and love.

The company has many subsidiaries EB Games, EB Games Australia, Micromania-Zing, etc. The company was on a steady road until the age of online shopping began. The stock was declining and there was a word of bankruptcy.

The company had a huge pump in its stock price due to a short squeeze from their own GameStop received a lot of media attention and thus resulting in a position of 512th in the Fortune 500 list.

The revenue reached by the company is extraordinary; it reached up to 6 billion dollars per year. The company has become the largest retailer of gaming in the world.

For all of the gamers in the world, GameStop is heaven. All the gamers don’t go to fancy restaurants on special occasions. They go to GameStop as they not only have everything related to gaming, whether it’s consoles, games, controllers, game props, Pokémon and Yu Gi Oh cards, etc.

Whatever you could think of, they probably have it and not only that, they also have a trading option, as gamers face a huge problem of games being expensive, trading helps resolve that issue. It’s truly heaven for gamers.   

The same goes for any other store that offers this service. You guys can visit more stores like GameStop that are transforming the gaming world.

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