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What could be better than using Zillow to find your dream home? How about renting it out in your spare time to make some money! For years, Zillow has made it easy to find the perfect vacation home or one-of-a-kind luxury residence for rent. Still, now the company has created an improved rentals section to serve better users who want to go from landlord to resident. The site’s new Rentals page boasts more beautiful photographs, hyperlocal neighborhood details and easier navigation than ever before.

This week, the Zillow Group announced that it was updating its rentals section for the first time in nearly a decade, adding information about apartment buildings and vacation homes to the site's database of more than 115 million homes around the country. Although there have been updates to the site's properties over the past year, these are the first such changes to Zillow's rentals section since 2007, when travel listings were added.

A popular real estate search engine and website, Zillow recently updated its rental section, emphasizing vacation property rentals, making it much easier to find a home for your next vacation. With over 75 million visitors per month and hundreds of millions of monthly views, Zillow has become one of the country's most popular real estate search engines. Now, the site has extended its reach to include listings of vacation homes and cabins as well as traditional apartments. More sites like Zillow are there to help the customers looking for a vacation property.

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