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As the world gets smaller and more accessible, people are looking for new and interesting ways to vacation. While staying in a hotel is still the most popular option, vacation rental online marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular. These marketplaces allow people to search for and book rental properties worldwide.

There are a few different types of vacation rental online marketplaces. The most popular type is a marketplace that allows people to search for properties all over the world. The online marketplace Vrbo is one of the most popular choices for vacation rental properties. It offers a convenient way to search for and book rentals all over the world. With over 2 million listings, there is sure to be something to fit any traveler's needs. Whether looking for a luxurious villa or a quaint cottage, Vrbo is the perfect resource for your next vacation.

The company was founded in 1995 by Carl Shepherd and Nate Blecharczyk, who met while attending Harvard University. Blecharczyk is the current chief technology officer and chairman of the board for Vrbo. In 2006, Expedia purchased a majority stake in the company, and in 2017, Airbnb acquired it for $3 billion. These marketplaces have a large selection of properties, and they often offer a variety of filters so that people can find the perfect property for their needs. Another type of marketplace specializes in a particular region or country.

These marketplaces typically have a smaller selection of properties, but they often have more specialized information about the properties they list. More sites like Vrbo are there as well, providing quality services.

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