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Tremor Games was a website that offered free online games and a rewards program that allowed users to earn virtual currency by playing games, completing surveys, and participating in other activities. The virtual currency, called Tremor Coins, could be exchanged for various rewards, including gift cards, video games, and other items.

One of the main benefits of Tremor Games was its extensive selection of free online games. The website offered various games, including popular titles like Minecraft, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush. Additionally, Tremor Games offered a rewards program that incentivized users to play more games and participate in other activities, which helped to create a sense of engagement and community.

Another benefit of Tremor Games was its user-friendly interface. The website was well-organized and easy to navigate, which made it simple for users to find the games and activities they were interested in. Additionally, the rewards program was straightforward and transparent, which helped users to understand how to earn Tremor Coins and redeem them for rewards.

However, Tremor Games also had some downsides. The website depended on third-party advertisers and partners, which could sometimes lead to technical issues or delays in processing rewards. Additionally, the website was shut down in 2018, disappointing many of its users.

Despite its closure, Tremor Games remains a fondly remembered platform among its former users, who appreciated its games and rewards program selection. Some cool sites like Tremor Games are there; visit them and enjoy.

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