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Skiplagged is a travel website and app that helps people find cheaper flights by taking advantage of "hidden city" ticketing. This means booking a flight with a layover in the city you want to visit but then simply getting off the plane during the layover instead of taking the connecting flight to the final destination.

The idea behind Skiplagged is that airlines often price flights to less popular destinations through more popular cities at a lower cost than direct flights to the popular city. By booking a flight with a layover in a popular city, and then simply getting off the plane at the layover, travelers can save money on their flights. The website also offers a "hidden city" search feature that allows users to search for flights with layovers in their desired destination.

In conclusion, Skiplagged is a useful tool for travelers looking to save money on flights. While the "hidden city" ticketing strategy may be risky, the website's predictive pricing and other features can help users find the best flight deals. However, before booking their flights, travelers must know this strategy's potential risks and consequences. Tons of sites like Skiplagged are available in the market; research them as well.

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