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Rue La La is an American e-commerce company that operates as a members-only online shopping website. The founders are Mark McWeeny and Ben Fischman, founded in Boston on October 31, 2007. The company's headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Rue La La offers a wide range of products from various luxury and premium brands in categories such as fashion, accessories, home, and travel. The website offers exclusive deals and discounts for a limited time, typically 48-72 hours.

One of the unique features of Rue La La is its Boutique section. The website features over 300 boutiques, each offering a curated selection of products from a specific brand or category. These boutiques allow shoppers to discover and explore new brands and products that they may not have encountered before. Some famous boutiques on Rue La La include Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

Rue La La's boutiques are updated regularly, with new brands and products added weekly. Members can sign up to receive email notifications when unique boutiques are launched, ensuring they never miss out on a deal. Rue La La also offers a mobile app that allows members to shop on the go and receive push notifications about new boutiques and sales.

In addition to its members-only shopping website, Rue La La also operates several brick-and-mortar retail locations. These locations, known as Rue La La Boutiques, offer a curated selection of products from the website's various boutiques. Customers can browse and purchase products in-store and attend events and workshops the company hosts.

Rue La La's boutique section is crucial to the company's success. By offering a curated selection of products from various luxury and premium brands, Rue La La allows shoppers to discover new products and brands they may have yet to encounter. 

With regular updates and exclusive deals, Rue La La's boutiques are a must-visit for anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe, home, or travel gear. You can visit more sites like Rue La La that can help you a lot in broadening your choices.

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