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The Rabbit was a video streaming website and mobile application launched in 2014 that quickly gained popularity as an alternative to many of its competitors. However, just like its namesake, Rabbit was never meant to last; due to its unfortunate timing with the lawsuit against YouTube, Rabbit’s fate was sealed from the beginning. Despite Rabb. It’s a short-lived success. However, it has proved to be an influential pioneer in both the video streaming industry and internet culture as a whole.

Rabbit offered live streaming video broadcasts that were later accessible through a replay function on the site’s website or through the Rabbit app that allowed users to view streams in real-time while they were happening and anytime later through the replay.

Of all the websites, apps, and services to come and go over the years, few were as promising as Rabbit. It was a video streaming website, like YouTube or Vimeo, but it had an intuitive interface that made it more popular than either service. And it had mobile apps that made watching videos on your phone or tablet an easy and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, Rabbit couldn’t make enough money to keep operating, and the site shut down in 2016 after just three years of operation, a sad end to such an innovative service. More sites like Rabbit are now available, having all the perks that Rabbit had once.

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