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If you’re into social media and looking to keep up with the latest trends, you may have heard about Imgur without actually knowing what it is. Here are some facts about this particular online photo-sharing service, which has become increasingly popular over the past few years and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

As the Internet becomes more and more of an integral part of daily life, people are beginning to pay attention to where their favorite images come from. For example, did you know that Imgur is one of the most popular online image-sharing services available today? But why this photo-sharing service has proven so successful and what sets it apart from other options on the market? How did the photo-sharing service, Imgur, become so popular and well-known?

According to the company website, Imgur was created in 2009 by Alan Schaaf to share photos with friends on image-based bulletin board systems. The Imgur community soon adopted it as their photo-sharing platform of choice, and today it has grown into one of the most widely used and visited sites on the Internet. More sites like Imgur are there, so you must try them for image sharing.

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