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HackerRank is an online platform to help individuals improve their coding skills and prepare for technical interviews. The website was launched in 2012 and has become a popular destination for developers looking to hone their skills and compete in coding challenges.

One of the critical features of HackerRank is its library of coding challenges, which cover a wide range of topics and difficulty levels. The challenges help users improve their problem-solving skills and become more proficient in various programming languages.

HackerRank also offers a variety of tutorials and video lessons on topics such as algorithms, data structures, and database management. These resources help users build a strong foundation in programming concepts and improve their coding abilities. Another critical feature of HackerRank is its interview preparation tools. The platform provides users access to various technical interview questions and solutions, as well as mock interview sessions to help them prepare for job interviews.

HackerRank is a valuable platform for individuals looking to improve their coding skills and prepare for technical interviews. Its library of coding challenges, tutorials, and interview preparation tools, as well as its job board, make it a popular choice among developers around the world. More sites like HackerRank are also present. Make a decision based on the reviews they have on Google.

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