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Multiple grammar checkers have been released over the years, but this one stands out because of its unique approach and where it comes from. In 2015, Grammarly became Ukrainian American-headquartered cross-platform cloud-based typing assistant software developed by Grammarly Inc., which has offices in San Francisco, New York City, and Kyiv, Ukraine. The self-named grammar checking and proofreading tool were created to help its users avoid mistakes on all their devices. This writing enhancement tool aims to eliminate grammatical errors in professional fields such as business, academia, law, etc.

Grammarly’s founder and CEO, Max Lytvyn, was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. He grew up in Kharkiv and later moved to Los Angeles with his family when he was 19. Lytvyn got his computer science degree from UCLA and then started building software to help himself and others overcome language barriers like his own.

Grammarly is an American cloud-based virtual keyboard application, developed and maintained by Grammarly, Inc., which is a Ukrainian American-headquartered cross-platform cloud-based typing assistant in Palo Alto, California. The software acts as a browser extension, with versions available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Yandex Browser. In addition to checking to spell, Grammarly also detects text misuse such as grammar mistakes and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to check the context and vocabulary of writing. More sites like Grammarly are so popular in the market as well.

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