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Flight Rising is a browser-based game where users collect and breed dragons. It is one of the most popular online games with over 11 million players. The game has a thriving economy, with users spending millions of dollars on in-game items.

Players can purchase gems, the game's premium currency, to speed up their progress. To keep players engaged and spending money, the developers of Flight Rising have implemented several features that encourage player interaction. In Flight Rising, players can breed dragons from around the world. The game is inspired by real-world activities such as breeding animals. Outsiders play Flight Rising at no charge.

One such feature is the Cookie system. Cookies are rewards that are given to players for participating in the game's activities. There are different types of cookies, and each has a different effect on the player's account. Cookies can be used to increase breeding chances, get discounts on purchases, and even earn free gems. The Cookie system is one of the ways that Flight Rising keeps its players engaged and spending money. More sites like Flight Rising are there to entertain their audience.

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