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Fatwallet was a popular online shopping community that provided consumers with deals, coupons, and promotional codes for various retailers. Founded in 1999 and the website quickly grew in popularity thanks to its user-friendly interface and active community of bargain hunters.

One of the the key features of Fatwallet was its forum, which allowed users to share information about deals, ask questions, and provide feedback on retailers and products. This forum quickly became a valuable resource for consumers looking to save money on their purchases and helped to establish Fatwallet as a go-to destination for online shopping.

In addition to its forum, Fatwallet also offers several other features to help consumers save money. These included a cashback program, where users could earn money back on their purchases, a price comparison tool, and a daily deals section.

Many features that made Fatwallet so popular, including its user-friendly interface, active community, and emphasis on finding the best deals, have since been adopted by other online shopping communities and websites. In this sense, Fatwallet's legacy lives on, even as the website is no longer active.

Fatwallet played an important role in shaping how consumers shop online, and its impact can still be felt today. Whether as a place to find great deals, connect with other shoppers, or simply as a fond memory, Fatwallet will always have a special place in the hearts of many online shoppers. More sites like Fatwallet are also present. Check their reviews in Google and then decide.

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