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DealDash is an online shopping website that offers a unique auction-based system for customers to purchase items. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Minnesota, USA.

On DealDash, customers can browse various products, including electronics, home goods, fashion, and more. To purchase an item, customers must participate in an auction where they place bids using the website's virtual currency, "Bids." Each request increases the item's price by a small amount and extends the time of the auction, giving other bidders a chance to participate.

The auctions on DealDash are designed to be entertaining and engaging, with a countdown clock and a live chat feature that allows bidders to communicate with each other. In addition, DealDash offers a Buy It Now feature that allows customers who have lost an auction to purchase the item at its retail price and receive all their bids back.

DealDash also offers free shipping on all items and a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring customers are happy with their purchases. The website has received positive reviews for its unique auction system, transparency, and customer service.

Overall, DealDash is a fun and innovative way to shop online, providing customers with a unique auction experience and the opportunity to purchase items at a discounted price. Tons of sites like DealDash are also available in the market to research them.

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