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Deadspin was a sports news and opinion website that launched in 2005. The site was known for its irreverent tone, critical coverage of sports media, and willingness to tackle controversial topics within the sports world.

Over the years, Deadspin gained a devoted following for its unique perspective and commitment to honesty in reporting. The site was particularly popular for its coverage of niche sports and events and its willingness to take on powerful figures within the sports industry.

In 2019, however, Deadspin became embroiled in a controversy when its parent company, G/O Media, demanded that the site stick to more mainstream sports coverage and avoid political topics. This led to a mass exodus of staff members and a significant decline in the site's readership.

Despite its controversial ending, Deadspin remains an important part of the sports media landscape, and its legacy of honest and critical reporting continues to inspire journalists and readers alike. Specific sites like Deadspin are way too good. So surf them as well.

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