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Course Hero is an online learning platform that offers various resources to help students with their academic studies. The platform provides access to study materials such as notes, practice problems, study guides created by other students, and a library of expert-written materials.

One of the key features of Course Hero is its extensive library of study materials. The platform offers over 40 million course-specific resources, including lecture notes, study guides, practice problems, and textbooks created by other students or subject matter experts.

Another feature of Course Hero is its 24/7 online tutoring service, which allows students to connect with tutors for personalized help in various subjects. Course Hero also offers a variety of subscription plans to fit students' budgets and needs. Its basic plan provides access to a limited number of resources, while its premier plan offers unlimited access to all study materials, 24/7 online tutoring, and additional features such as the ability to download and save documents.

Overall, Course Hero is a great platform for students seeking to supplement their learning and improve their academic performance. Its extensive library of study materials and flexible subscription plans make it a popular choice for students at all levels of education. Many sites like Course Hero are available in the market; research them as well.

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