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Zipcar is a car-sharing company offering an alternative to traditional rental services, making accessing cars on demand simple, affordable, and eco-friendly. Established by Antje Danielson and Robin Chase in Boston in 2000.

Antje Danielson and Robin Chase's idea for Zipcar came about due to their frustration with the car rental process while visiting Berlin in 1999. Antje and Robin conducted a pilot program of car-sharing in Cambridge, Massachusetts which resulted in its eventual launch in 2000 as Zipcar.

Zipcar first launched its service in Boston; however, it quickly expanded across North America and Europe by 2006. By 2006, more than 50 cities across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom had operations of Zipcar's innovative business model, which allows members to rent cars by the hour or day with payment only for the time used; members can reserve one online or use the Zipcar mobile app, with vehicles located strategically throughout each city.

Zipcar was acquired by Avis Budget Group, one of the world's premier car rental firms, in 2013. Since then, under Avis Budget Group's ownership, Zipcar has continued its rapid expansion and innovation by offering one-way rentals, vehicle options, and mobile apps allowing members to find, unlock and lock cars using smartphones.

Zipcar now boasts more than one million members globally and operates in 500 North American and Europe cities. Their success has paved the way for other car-sharing services to emerge, and many regard Zipcar as a pioneer and leader in the sharing economy. Committed to reducing environmental impact while supporting sustainable living practices, Zipcar continues to play an essential role in shaping urban mobility's future.

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