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Zelle is an innovative peer-to-peer payment platform enabling users to quickly transfer funds between bank accounts. Created by several major US banks - Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo among them - in response to the surge of mobile payment apps like Venmo and Square Cash popularity, the Zelle app officially launched in June 2017 and since has processed over 140 million transactions in just its first quarter alone!

Before Zelle came along, banks often offered complicated person-to-person payment systems, making the payment process simple and easy to use. Zelle was created to streamline this process and allow users to send and receive funds with just their mobile number or email address. Zelle works by connecting directly to bank accounts so it can use its existing infrastructure to transfer funds directly - no third-party processing fees or waiting for funds to clear.

Zelle has become so successful because it provides unparalleled security and trust, as evidenced by major banks supporting it. Users can feel assured their transactions are being processed safely and securely backed up by two-factor authentication and user verification processes implemented by Zelle to safeguard against fraud and unauthorized access.

Zelle has recently expanded beyond its primary use case of person-to-person payments by adding features allowing people to pay bills and purchase directly from merchants. As it develops and matures, we may see even more exciting additions made available on Zelle in the coming years.



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