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Word Swag is a mobile application created to assist users in designing beautiful text-based designs for use on social media posts, marketing collaterals and personal projects. Launched by Oringe Inc of Georgia, USA, in 2013, Word Swag has since seen widespread adoption, with millions of people around the globe using it to add eye-catching text overlays to photos and images.

Word Swag was developed to address one of the main challenges for social media users and content creators - standing out among an oversaturation of images and graphics. By offering various font styles, layout options, and design features for users to select, creating professional-looking designs becomes effortless - taking just minutes instead of hours or days! Plus, it comes equipped with pre-designed templates, quotes, and phrases that users can personalize according to their specific needs.

Word Swag stands out from other design apps with its proprietary text generation technology, enabling users to enter text and instantly see it transformed into stylish designs without needing design experience or expertise. It guarantees visually appealing designs without first needing to learn design software first-hand.

Word Swag has undergone significant updates and upgrades since its initial launch, including new fonts, design elements, layout options, logos, and watermarks for logos as well as social media posts designed specifically for these posts and marketing materials designed specifically to support their use.

Word Swag has quickly become an invaluable resource for social media users, influencers, and small business owners, offering a fast and simple way to produce visually pleasing designs without needing any design expertise. Its user-friendly interface, a wide selection of design options, and proprietary text generation technology have made Word Swag an attractive option for anyone seeking to enhance their visual content.

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