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WiFiKill is an Android application developed by developer Bponury in 2011 as an educational tool to demonstrate how vulnerable public WiFi networks are against malicious attacks.

WiFiKill uses ARP spoofing, whereby it intercepts traffic between a target device and a WiFi router, thus disabling or monitoring its activity. It quickly became popular among those wanting greater control over devices connected to their home or office WiFi networks.

But as with any tool with potential for misuse, WiFiKill has also been associated with unethical conduct - including interfering with people's internet access or stealing their data; additionally, it has even been employed illegally, such as cyberbullying or hacking.

Due to its potential for misuse, WiFiKill is not available through Google Play and must be downloaded from third-party sources. Furthermore, root access must also be granted - an inexperienced user may require help, which may void their warranty on their devices.

Recently, various alternatives to WiFiKill have emerged with similar functionality but improved safeguards to prevent misuse. Furthermore, newer applications offer features like bandwidth monitoring and parental controls, which make them even more useful when used legitimately.

WiFiKill was initially designed as an educational tool; however, its potential for misuse has earned it the label of controversial. Users looking to monitor or control devices connected to their WiFi network should take care when using WiFiKill; other applications provide greater safeguards against misuse.

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