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Wickr is a secure messaging app that provides end-to-end encryption for messages, voice and video calls, file sharing and more. Established in 2012 by a team of privacy advocates and security specialists who wanted to create an entirely private and secure communication platform, Wickr offers end-to-end encryption to protect messages, voice and video calls, and file sharing between devices.

Wickr was created out of a desire for users to communicate freely without being monitored, with technology acting as a safeguard to uphold this right. After hearing of increasing government surveillance and data breach concerns, its founders realized this need. They believed people deserved an app that protected user privacy in this digital era and devised the technology needed for that right to exist.

Wickr has earned itself a strong reputation since its launch as one of the most secure messaging apps. Journalists, activists, and government officials use it regularly to share sensitive information without fear of interception; its military-grade encryption and lack of server storage make it almost impossible for hackers or governments to access user data.

Wickr has quickly gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, offering messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing up to 5GB size sharing capabilities, as well as self-destructing messages, which automatically delete after a predetermined amount of time for added protection.

Wickr has become a vital tool for anyone concerned with privacy and security in their communications. Its commitment to user data protection and providing a secure platform has made it popular with individuals as well as organizations worldwide.

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