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Webtoon is a digital platform for publishing and reading webcomics or online comics, created by South Korean search engine and technology company Naver Corporation in 2004. At first, this service was called "Naver Webtoon" only available within South Korea; later, however, it became "LINE Webtoon," with expanded global reach.

Webtoon revolutionized the traditional comic industry by pioneering an innovative format known as a vertical scroll, in which panels stack on top of one another for readers to read as they scroll down a comic page. This format was specifically tailored for reading comics on mobile devices for ease and accessibility for its readers.

Early on, Webtoons featured mostly amateur comic artists; as they evolved and attracted more professional ones, they quickly became home to thousands of comics across various genres - romance, action drama, comedy, fantasy, etc.

Webtoon's popularity has only continued to expand over time. By 2019, it reported having over 100 million monthly active users worldwide and earned multiple accolades, such as the App Store Best of 2019 Award and Google Play Best of 2020 Award.

Besides its main platform, Webtoon has also introduced several spin-off services like Webtoon Canvas, which allows creators to publish comics independently and Webtoon Originals, which showcases exclusive comics made in collaboration with professional artists.

Webtoon has quickly become one of the premier platforms for comic readers and creators worldwide due to its innovative format, diverse content selection, and user-friendly user experience.

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