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Wallapop is a mobile application and online marketplace that enables users to buy and sell secondhand items locally. Established by Agustin Gomez, Gerard Olive, and Miguel Vicente in Barcelona in 2013, it has expanded across various countries, including the US.

Its founders' frustration inspired Wallapop with the lack of an easy and cost-effective means to buy and sell secondhand goods in their local community. They realized that many individuals might have unwanted items in their homes they would like to get rid of. Still, finding potential buyers and negotiating prices can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

Wallapop's founders sought to simplify the buying and selling process by developing an app that connects local buyers and sellers. Users can list items for sale on Wallapop, while interested buyers may contact sellers via messages to arrange their purchase. Transactions typically occur face-to-face, wherein buyers and sellers meet to exchange an item against payment.

Wallapop has quickly become one of Spain's most beloved online marketplaces since its introduction. Since then, its services have expanded into other countries - the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom are among those currently supported. Wallapop's app has received several prestigious honors, including being recognized by Google Play as Best App 2016 and winning Best Startup at Mobile World Congress Barcelona.

Wallapop has recently expanded its services to offer new items from select retailers for purchase through Wallapop's marketplace, diversifying revenue streams and drawing in more users than ever.

Overall, Wallapop has played an instrumental role in the rise of sustainable consumption and the circular economy by making it easier for people to buy and sell secondhand goods. Its success highlights mobile technology's capacity to create new marketplaces while disrupting established business models.

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