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Wag is an award-winning mobile application that connects pet parents with local dog walkers and pet sitters, first launched in 2015. Since its release, it has quickly become the go-to platform for those needing assistance for their furry companions. Over 100,000 active users in 4,600 US cities trust Wag with providing pet care.

Wag was established in 2014 when its founders, Joshua Viner and Jonathan Rosenthal, saw a gap in the on-demand pet care services market. Pet owners struggled to find reliable, affordable care for their animals when at work or away from home, so they saw an opportunity to use technology to connect pet parents to trustworthy dog walkers and sitters nearby.

Once launched in Los Angeles in 2015, Wag quickly rose in popularity among pet owners who appreciated its convenience. Within just two years of its debut in LA, it expanded rapidly throughout the US; New York, San Francisco, and Chicago all saw significant expansion. Wag's success attracted significant investment - in 2018, raising $300 Million with an estimated valuation of over 600 Million!

Wag's mission is to make it easier for pet owners to give their animals the love and attention they need, even when they're away from home. With services including dog walking, pet sitting and boarding available on its app - pet owners can book these services and track their pet's location and activity live! All Wag walkers/sitters are highly vetted and trained professionals dedicated to providing exceptional care for animals.

Wag has revolutionized the pet care industry through technology by connecting pet owners with reliable and trustworthy care providers. Their innovative approach and commitment to excellence are set to see Wag continue its rapid expansion over time, making it easier than ever for owners to ensure their furry friends remain happy, healthy and well cared for.

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