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VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company and is an immensely popular photo editing and sharing app used by millions worldwide. Launched initially as an easy tool for mimicking analog film photography in 2011, VSCO has evolved into an engaging social platform offering various editing tools and features tailored specifically towards photographers and creative professionals.

VSCO was founded in Oakland, California, by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze, who were inspired by their shared passion for photography. At first, they created presets for Adobe Lightroom that mimicked classic film stocks; as their popularity grew, they decided to develop an app so their presets could easily be applied to photos by anyone.

VSCO was first released in 2011 and quickly gained popularity among photographers and enthusiasts who valued its easy interface and film-like filters. By 2015, over 30 million registered users had installed it; also, that year, VSCO raised $40 million from investors, allowing it to expand its team and develop new features.

VSCO has quickly become popular for its range of editing tools that enable users to adjust photos' exposure, contrast, saturation and other aspects. It also features filters and presets that can add certain looks or feels. In addition to editing photos and sharing them online, this community-driven app allows users to follow each other, share photos from their profiles, and find fresh content through curated feeds.

VSCO remains popular with photographers and creative professionals who value its focus on quality and simplicity and has expanded beyond its core audience to serve users from various backgrounds and interests.

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