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TrapCall is a mobile application created to unmask blocked calls, blacklist unwanted callers, and record incoming calls. First released by Teltech Systems of New Jersey, specializing in call protection services in 2009, TrapCall continues to serve this function today.

TrapCall was developed out of frustration over receiving anonymous, unwanted phone calls, often leading to harassment and scams. There was no effective solution available before TrapCall for identifying or blocking these calls as they often came from untraceable or hidden numbers; TrapCall solved this problem by enabling users to reveal who had called them regardless if their number was blocked or hidden.

Initial versions of TrapCall required users to forward all calls incoming calls directly to a TrapCall number for unmasking and then redirect back. In 2011, an updated version was made available, eliminating call forwarding altogether and making their service more user-friendly and convenient.

Over time, TrapCall has steadily progressed by adding new features and functionalities that enhance its effectiveness and usability. Today, its app boasts call recording, voicemail transcription, caller ID, blacklisting and call blocking; integration with popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber allows users to manage calls and messages all from a central place.

TrapCall has become an invaluable solution for both individuals and businesses seeking to protect themselves from unwanted calls, as multiple media outlets, including The New York Times, CNN and Wall Street Journal, have featured it. Available both for iOS and Android platforms with millions of downloads worldwide resulting in positive user reviews - TrapCall is now one of the go-to solutions for protecting themselves against unwanted and harassing calls!

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TrapCall is a mobile application created to unmask blocked calls,



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