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Textra is an Android messaging app developed by Delicious Inc. that enables users to customize their texting experience; first released on the Google Play Store in 2013. Since its debut, Textra has amassed an immense user base and has received widespread praise from critics and users.

Textra stands out with its highly customizable interface. Users can select from various themes, fonts and colors to personalize their texting experience and set notification sounds and vibrations for specific contacts or message types.

Textra provides users with numerous useful features, including quick replies, group messaging and scheduled messaging. Furthermore, multimedia messaging enables them to send and receive photos, videos or other forms of media content.

Textra stands out among its competition with its customizable interface and useful features, speed and reliability - particularly its user-friendly streamlined design that's fast and simple to use - along with smooth performance without bugs or glitches.

Textra has quickly become the go-to messaging app for Android users who prioritize customization, convenience, and reliability in a messaging app. Its widespread adoption speaks volumes of its quality and the hard work put in by its developers.

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