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Text Free is a messaging app developed by Pinger Inc of San Jose, California, that enables users to send and receive text messages and make phone calls through an international virtual phone number. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, Text Free allows for communication wherever an internet connection exists worldwide.

Text Free originated in 2006 when Greg Woock and Joe Sipher established Pinger, Inc. At first, known as Pinger Voice Messaging App (later changed to Textfree Voice), this platform allowed users to exchange voicemails without using up valuable minutes from their monthly phone plan.

Pinger first launched Textfree in 2009 as a free texting app allowing users to send and receive text messages using virtual phone numbers, quickly amassing millions of users within months. A year later, they released Textfree with Voice, which allowed people to make phone calls using this same number. This app quickly gained popularity. In 2010, Textfree with Voice added telephone calling capabilities, allowing users to make phone calls using this virtual number.

Text Free has seen numerous updates and improvements over time, adding features like group messaging, picture messaging and international calling. Furthermore, various subscription plans provide access to additional features such as ad-free messaging and more calling minutes.

Text Free continues to be a widely-used messaging app with millions of users around the globe. Its ease of use, free texting and calling capabilities, virtual phone number functionality and cost savings make it an appealing solution for those looking to reduce phone bill costs or who require separate numbers for personal or professional purposes.

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