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Terrarium is an Android application that enables users to stream movies and TV shows onto mobile devices. First released by NitroXenon - an established developer known for creating various Android applications - in September 2014, this service quickly gained popularity among Android users.

Terrarium quickly rose to prominence due to its vast library of popular and obscure titles, high-quality video streaming and offline viewing capabilities. Furthermore, it offered free use with no registration or subscription fees required.

NitroXenon announced in September 2018 that Terrarium would be discontinued, citing legal pressure and potential copyright violations as reasons. The Terrarium app and its websites and social media pages were closed down.

Despite its brief existence, Terrarium had an immediate and long-lasting impact on the streaming industry, showing demand for high-quality, free streaming services and creating opportunities for similar apps to emerge. Numerous streaming apps provide similar experiences to Terrarium, although many have also faced legal hurdles.

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