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Teensafe, launched in 2011, is a parental control app created to assist parents in monitoring the activities of their children using mobile devices. Parents can track texts, calls, web browsing history and location through this application on both iOS and Android platforms; its popularity has grown alongside growing parental concerns over children's online safety.

Rawdon Messenger and Benjamin James Diggles saw a need for an app that could assist parents in protecting their children in today's digital world. After recognizing its immense potential, mobile technology was utilized to empower parents to protect their kids against various online risks they face.

Teensafe has seen many major milestones during its long history. In 2012, PC Magazine named Teensafe one of their 100 essential apps; two years later, it released a new version with enhanced features like tracking multiple devices and monitoring social media activity. Most notably in 2014, when used by a father from Colorado to catch someone sexually abusing his daughter.

However, Teensafe has also drawn widespread criticism and controversy. In 2016, Teensafe experienced a data breach which exposed the personal information of thousands of its users. This incident raised serious security concerns regarding Teensafe as well as calls for stricter regulation of parental control apps.

Teensafe remains an invaluable tool for parents looking to keep an eye on their children's online activities, evolving and improving to meet the evolving needs of its users. Today, Teensafe stands as one of the leading parental control apps worldwide and is widely utilized.

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