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Tasker is an Android automation app enabling users to easily create automated tasks and routines on their mobile devices. Users can automate nearly any action or set on their Android phone - from changing wallpaper, launching specific applications or performing complex tasks such as sending messages, controlling music or turning on lights in their home.

Tasker was created by Pent, a California-based software development firm, and was initially released in 2010. Since then, it has grown into one of the most powerful Android automation apps with an active user base and a wide variety of plugins and add-ons that extend its capabilities even further.

Tasker derives its name from the concept of a task - a predefined series of actions triggered by certain events or conditions - such as time and date, location, app launch or changes in sensors (like accelerometer or GPS) of devices. With Tasker, users can create tasks which can be activated by events as diverse as time/date/location/app launch/sensor changes on devices (for instance, accelerometer/GPS sensor changes).

Tasker has significantly evolved, with regular updates adding new features and functionality. Today it has become an extremely versatile tool for automating virtually every aspect of Android OS, being used by hobbyists, power users, developers and businesses alike. Everyone can use Tasker, from hobbyists and power users to developers and businesses - saving them both time and hassle while making complex customizations and integrations for Android devices easier than ever! Whether your goal is saving time with everyday routine tasks or creating complex customizations and integrations for your device - Tasker can help achieve it!

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