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Tamagotchi, originally released in Japan in 1996, quickly became a global phenomenon after taking off globally. The original Tamagotchi device allowed users to take care of a virtual pet by feeding, cleaning, and playing with it - keeping its health and happiness always top of mind requires constant care from users!

The Tamagotchi app, first released in 2013, brought the iconic virtual pet game onto smartphones and tablets, giving fans a way to relive childhood memories while also introducing a whole new generation to it. While maintaining many of the same features of the original device - such as feeding, cleaning, playing with and trading items with friends - the app added new ones, such as sharing items between players or connecting friends directly.

Over time, the Tamagotchi app has evolved with new updates and features while staying true to its core concept of raising and caring for virtual pets. It has amassed an ardent fanbase as players become attached to their digital pets and form emotional ties to them.

Tamagotchi has inspired numerous spin-off products such as toys, clothing and even television series based around it, cementing its place as a pop culture icon and leaving an indelible mark in gaming and entertainment history.

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Neko Atsume, developed by Hit-Point Co., Ltd. and released initia

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