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Talkatone is a mobile application that enables users to make and receive calls and text messages online. First released in 2011, Talkatone quickly gained popularity due to its innovative features and affordable rates. Talkatone can be downloaded for both iOS and Android platforms.

Talkatone began when its founder, Oleg Gorelik, recognized the need for an economical means of international calling. At that time, international calls were expensive and inaccessible to many; hence the creation of Talkatone using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows calls and text messaging.

Talkatone was initially released for free download in 2011, quickly gaining immense popularity with users seeking an inexpensive way to make calls and send text messages. Within six months of its launch, Talkatone had already been downloaded over one million times worldwide and received positive reviews for its user-friendliness and affordability.

Talkatone introduced its premium version in 2014, providing additional features such as ad-free usage and support for multiple phone numbers within the app. This service offers monthly and annual payment plans to purchase this premium edition.

Over time, Talkatone has continued to innovate and enhance its services, adding features such as group messaging, multimedia message capability and calls made using Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, the app expanded its reach by supporting additional countries and languages.

Talkatone remains an affordable solution for making calls and sending messages over the Internet, thanks to its user-friendly interface, low costs, and compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Millions of users trust Talkatone worldwide!

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