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Takl is a mobile application that connects users with local service providers for household tasks and errands. Since its debut in 2016, Takl has quickly become a go-to solution for cleaning, handyman work, yard care and more.

Willis Johnson was inspired to create Takl out of frustration over finding reliable help with household tasks, which made hiring trustworthy service providers difficult. So he saw an opportunity to create an app to make this easier - thus the name "Takl," taken from its mission of helping users tackle their to-do lists.

The Takl app is designed for easy navigation, enabling users to search for a selection of services provided by local providers and view ratings and reviews of each provider before selecting their ideal one. Furthermore, with fixed pricing models offered through this platform, users know exactly how much their service will cost before hiring it; once it has been provided, they can pay and rate providers directly through Takl.

Since 2016, Takl has expanded to over 100 cities throughout the US and now provides virtual tutoring and telemedicine appointments. Users have expressed great satisfaction with its convenience, reliability and affordability.

Porch's acquisition of Takl in 2018 expanded its capabilities significantly and today offers users an easy solution for home tasks and errands.



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