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StarCraft, created and published by Blizzard Entertainment, first hit Windows computers in 1998 and quickly gained widespread acclaim among gamers for its engaging gameplay, competitive multiplayer mode, and rich lore. Since then, StarCraft has become an enduring classic within gaming culture with two expansion packs, numerous sequels, and even its own dedicated esports community.

Players in StarCraft take control of one of three factions - Terrans, Zergs, or Protosses. Each has unique units and abilities for building armies against opponents; players must strategically construct and manage armies in order to succeed against rival factions. There are both single-player campaigns as well as multiplayer modes in StarCraft, with multiplayer being an essential aspect of its competitive StarCraft community.

StarCraft's tremendous popularity led to the creation of "StarCraft: Ghost Academy," released for iOS and Android platforms in 2012. This app provides fans with access to an abundance of information regarding lore, characters, factions and interactive content, such as quizzes and mini-games that allow players to test their knowledge and abilities within StarCraft.

Blizzard has shown its dedication to StarCraft by continually supporting it with updates and expansions and investing heavily in esports competitions worldwide. StarCraft remains a beloved classic among gamers worldwide, who continue to enjoy it daily.

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