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Snow is a social media app that enables users to create and share short videos, photos, and messages with various filters, stickers and effects. Snow was introduced in September 2015 by South Korean technology firm Snow Corporation as a spin-off from Naver Corporation's LINE messaging app, initially targeted mainly towards Asian markets but quickly becoming popular worldwide among adolescents and young adults.

Snow's app was inspired by Snapchat, another popular social media platform for sharing fleeting content. Snow differs from Snapchat by providing more advanced filters, effects, and editing tools - this means over 200 million users worldwide utilize Snow across 190 countries!

Since its initial release, the Snow app has seen several updates and introduced new features to meet user demands and stay abreast of current trends. In 2018, they introduced "Snow Camera," allowing users to take high-quality selfies with filters and effects applied, as well as "Snow Live," an on-demand live streaming feature that enables broadcasting your content in real-time.

Snow has also collaborated with prominent figures, influencers and brands to produce exclusive content and market the app. In 2020, Snow partnered with Korean pop group BTS and released various filters and stickers with BTS-related graphics, which proved immensely popular with their fans.

Snow app has quickly become one of the most beloved social media platforms among young people worldwide due to its extensive selection of filters, effects and editing tools that enable users to produce engaging and distinct content. Furthermore, its partnership with celebrities and brands has helped broaden Snow's user base.

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