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Smart Panel is a mobile application developed by Verto Analytics and designed to collect user data related to online activities, such as browsing habits, app usage patterns and overall device use. Verto Analytics' expertise is collecting data from multiple sources to gain insight into consumer behavior.

The Smart Panel app first debuted in 2011 as an exclusive desktop solution. By 2013, its availability had expanded to mobile phones running both Android and iOS OS systems; since then, it has gained great popularity, with users willing to exchange their data for rewards like gift cards or cash incentives.

Smart Panel's app collects data about how people use their devices, which is invaluable information for companies attempting to enhance their products and services. This data collection service runs in the background and collects details on what applications users have installed on their device(s), how long they spend using each app installed on it and which websites users visit. Then, this aggregated information generates reports about consumer behavior that help companies make informed decisions regarding the products or services they offer.

One of the hallmark features of the Smart Panel app is that it allows users to participate in surveys and studies designed to collect more in-depth information about their online activities. Rewards may include shopping vouchers or cash payments.

Overall, the Smart Panel app has become an increasingly popular way for users to earn rewards by sharing their data with companies looking for insights into consumer behavior. Although some individuals may feel uneasy sharing their information publicly or securely online, the Smart Panel app makes sharing data straightforward while offering rewards for participation.

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