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Slydial is a mobile application developed by MobileSphere of Massachusetts that enables users to directly call another person's voicemail without their phone ringing, making this feature particularly helpful when someone wants to leave a message but does not want a dialogue. Available both for iOS and Android devices.

Slydial was inspired by a common problem faced by many: leaving voicemails without engaging in entire conversations. At first, Slydial was targeted as an app for busy professionals looking to save time by leaving messages without small talk; however, its popularity quickly spread among individuals looking for an easier alternative to having awkward or difficult conversations with contacts.

The app works by routing calls directly to a recipient's voicemail server without using their ringtone, effectively silencing their phone but still providing them with notification of missed calls and voicemail message delivery. This feature can be especially beneficial during meetings or driving where no recipient can answer immediately.

Slydial quickly rose in popularity after its debut, with users appreciating its convenience and time-saving advantages. In 2009, Slydial won the CTIA Wireless Emerging Technology Award in the Mobile Applications - Productivity, Utility and Public Safety category; since then, it has continued to evolve with features such as being able to leave text messages instead of voicemail messages being added regularly.

Slydial is currently used by millions of people around the globe, from busy professionals to individuals seeking an easier way of communicating without engaging in uncomfortable small talk. The app has proven its worth as a convenient means of leaving messages without engaging in unnecessary small talk or engagement.



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