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Skitch is an image annotation and markup app developed by Evernote Corporation that allows users to edit, annotate, and share images and screenshots. First introduced in 2007 by Plasq of Australia, Evernote eventually acquired this popular image annotation tool in 2011.

Skitch has quickly gained widespread acclaim due to its intuitive user experience, enabling users to annotate and share images swiftly and effortlessly. Over time, updates and enhancements have brought with them additional features and capabilities for this app.

Skitch's key strength lies in its ease of capturing and annotating screenshots, with users being able to quickly take snapshots using the app before adding text, arrows, or other annotations that highlight specific areas in an image. Furthermore, it supports several image formats, including JPG, PNG and GIF files.

Skitch has quickly become a favorite tool among designers, developers, educators and marketers. The app is often utilized for creating annotated images for presentations, social media posts, tutorials and other types of content creation.

Skitch is available across various platforms, such as macOS, iOS and Android. The app can be downloaded free of charge, with additional premium features made available via an Evernote subscription.

Skitch is an impressive image annotation tool with multiple uses for both professional and personal purposes, providing fast annotation capabilities with intuitive features for quick sharing of annotations.

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