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Shiftgig is a technology company with an online platform designed to connect businesses and workers for on-demand staffing needs. Since 2012, this gig economy pioneer has provided flexible work opportunities across America.

Shiftgig provides businesses with access to a network of pre-screened and qualified workers, while individuals can select jobs that fit their schedule and skill set. Furthermore, the app contains tools designed specifically for workers to manage their schedules, track hours and communicate with employers.

Shiftgig began by catering specifically to the hospitality industry, offering staffing solutions for events, banquets and other short-term needs. Since then, however, Shiftgig has expanded into other industries, including healthcare, retail and logistics.

Shiftgig secured $22 million in funding in 2015, which allowed it to accelerate its growth and broaden its services. That same year, they acquired BookedOut as a platform connecting businesses with promotional staff for events and activations purposes; two years later, they purchased Deploy, an efficient scheduling and workforce management solution, expanding further.

Shiftgig found itself up against obstacles in a highly-competitive gig economy market, including increased competition from other platforms and regulatory scrutiny. To combat these difficulties, in 2019, the company underwent major restructuring by selling its core business to staffing firm LGC Hospitality and forming ShiftgigX to focus on software solutions for staffing industry staffing companies.

Shiftgig continues to lead in the staffing industry by offering innovative solutions for businesses and workers.

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