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Scrivener is a writing software developed by Literature and Latte specifically designed for writers, authors, screenwriters, creative professionals and other creative individuals to create, organize and manage writing projects. Available for both macOS and Windows operating systems.

Scrivener was released for public use for the first time by Keith Blount, an author, in 2007. This software tool was created so he could tackle the challenges associated with writing novels more efficiently while having sufficient flexibility to organize his thoughts and organize them creatively.

Scrivener was originally only available on macOS, yet it quickly won over writers due to its unique features, including working simultaneously on multiple documents while organizing research materials and creating customizable templates.

Scrivener has evolved with time, providing new features and improvements to support Windows, iOS, and iPad platforms. Scrivener has also been utilized by notable authors such as Salman Rushdie, Neil Cross, and Karen Traviss - among many others.

Scrivener is one of the major advantages of its flexibility in writing styles and genres. Scrivener offers features and tools designed specifically to organize thoughts while streamlining writing processes, whether it's novels, screenplays, theses, or research papers.

Overall, Scrivener has quickly become an indispensable writing tool for both professional and amateur writers due to its innovative features and ease of simplifying the writing process - becoming indispensable to many writers.

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