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Ripl is a social media marketing platform that equips its users with tools for producing visually captivating visual content for their businesses on social media. The app was designed to streamline marketing processes for small business owners and entrepreneurs by offering pre-made templates and customizable designs for posts on social media, making marketing simpler overall. Ripl can be downloaded both for iOS devices as well as Android; its use has spread worldwide.

Paul Ingalls and Clay McDaniel founded Ripl as an answer to their frustration with a lack of effective social media marketing tools for small businesses. Their aim was to provide an accessible platform where business owners could create professional-looking posts without needing expensive graphic design software or the services of expensive graphic designers.

Ripl was first launched as an app in 2014, quickly gaining a following among small business owners seeking an easy and cost-effective means of advertising their businesses online. Since then, its popularity has only increased further - now offering features designed specifically to assist companies in promoting themselves online.

Ripl has raised $3.4 million through seed funding to expand and enhance its platform and broaden its reach. Since then, it has continued to evolve by adding features and capabilities that make creating engaging social media posts even easier for small business owners.

Ripl is already being utilized by thousands of businesses globally and has proven invaluable to countless small business owners looking to boost their social media marketing. Thanks to its focus on simplicity and affordability, it looks set to remain an invaluable resource for small business owners for years to come.

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