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RedLaser is an extremely popular barcode scanner app that enables users to scan product barcodes for comparison prices, deals, and product info. First released in 2009 and downloaded over 27 million times since this popular barcode scanner app continues to gain users.

RedLaser began as an idea conceived by developers at Occipital, a computer vision company, who were determined to develop an app allowing smartphone users to scan barcodes using their camera phone camera and revolutionize how people shop by making price comparisons and accessing product info easier on the go.

RedLaser for iPhone was introduced to consumers in 2009 and quickly became an instantaneous hit among customers. Praising RedLaser's accuracy and speed, soon it was featured as "New and Noteworthy" on Apple's App Store.

RedLaser was acquired by eBay in 2010, which continued its development and improvements of the app. By 2012, eBay integrated RedLaser technology into their mobile apps, allowing customers to scan barcodes and compare prices while shopping on eBay.

Since then, RedLaser has undergone significant development, adding features like support for Q.R. codes, improved search capabilities, and integration with popular shopping apps. Today it remains one of the most popular barcode scanner apps and continues to help shoppers save both time and money when shopping.

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