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Qriket is a mobile application developed by Canadian entrepreneurs Jonny Comparelli and Scott McGregor to offer users the chance to earn cash rewards by spinning digital wheels. Released in 2014, it can be found on both Android and iOS platforms.

Qriket began when Comparelli and McGregor were college students looking for ways to make extra cash. Noticing how many people used their smartphones to play mobile games, they proposed creating one that rewarded users with real cash rewards.

Qriket initially launched as a game that allowed users to spin a wheel for tickets that could be redeemed in sweepstakes, but in 2015 underwent a significant transformation, becoming a cash rewards app where users could spin for chances to win cash prizes from just a few cents up to several dollars by spinning its wheel.

To gain cash with Qriket, users must first open an account and link it with PayPal. After doing this, they can start spinning the wheel - they may even gain additional spins by watching ads or referring friends!

Qriket has amassed millions of users globally. Additionally, this app has been featured in major media publications like Forbes, Huffington Post and TechCrunch.

Qriket is an innovative mobile application that gives its users a simple yet creative way to earn real cash rewards. Since its introduction, the app has undergone significant modifications from a game-based platform to a cash rewards app and still remains popular with smartphone users seeking additional income streams.

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