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Qapital is a personal finance management app designed to help users achieve their financial goals more efficiently by automating the savings process and setting aside small amounts regularly. Established in 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs, including George Friedman, as part of an effort to make saving easier and more accessible.

Qapital's unique method for saving involves setting rules or "triggers" that automatically save money based on individual goals and preferences. Examples may include:

  • Rounding purchases up to the nearest dollar and saving the difference.
  • Saving a set amount each week or month.
  • Saving when the user completes specific actions or achieves specific goals.

Qapital has grown into an app with over two million active users as of 2021, expanding and adapting over time, adding features such as investment accounts, debit cards and personalized spending insights.

Qapital was acquired by the Scandinavian banking group Nordea in 2019, which has helped boost its growth and broaden its reach. Now available across both the U.S. and Scandinavia, Qapital innovates by finding ways to help people save money and reach their financial goals more easily.

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