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Puffin, developed by CloudMosa Inc. and available for both Android and iOS platforms, has quickly gained significant traction among internet users due to its speed and performance. Widely considered one of the fastest and most efficient mobile browsers available today.

Puffin was established in 2010 when CloudMosa Inc was founded by former Google employees Shioupyn Shen and Ming-Ching Tsai as an initiative designed to develop a cloud-based web browser with enhanced browsing experiences by taking advantage of cloud computing power. Puffin first debuted as an Android-only application in 2012 and quickly gained popularity among mobile users.

Puffin stands out with its cloud-based architecture, which enables fast and responsive browsing performance even on devices with limited processing power. Cloud servers process and render web pages before sending them directly to users' devices for faster load times and smoother browsing experiences - especially important when dealing with slower internet connections or older devices.

Puffin offers more than just speed and performance; its many features make it a popular choice among users, including support for Flash and HTML5 video playback, an ad blocker, incognito mode, a virtual mouse pad for easier navigation on touchscreen devices, etc.

Puffin has distinguished itself as an efficient and intuitive mobile browser app that continues to adapt and upgrade features for user needs.

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